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Kafka demo at JavaCro 2016 conference

In my  previous post  (published almost a year ago), I tried to summarize basic concepts of  distributed messaging system called Kafka, and to provide very basic tutorial for people who are new to this product. At the end of that post I promised to give another "how to" once 0.9 version is released, version that introduces new consumers API. Version 0.9 is released six months ago, so I am little late with my promise, but better late then never :) Few days ago  JavaCro 2016  conference was held in Rovinj, Croatia, where I presented basic Kafka concepts to (mostly) people of croatian Java community and demonstrated simple spring Boot application using Kafka 0.9.  Since, I already explained basic Kafka concepts in previous post, this one will be focused on only on new consumer API and how to use it. Starting Kafka So lets start with setup. Download Kafka platform 2.0.1 from  and unzip it to locati