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Making of Message Gateway with Kafka - Part 4

Using aggregate and join operations to handle message receipt confirmations It' been a while since last blog post in this series, but now we continue our journey. After sending SMS messages to service providers, next thing we have to do is to keep track of it's delivery status. There are two asynchronous responses that we should receive from our SMS service providers (aka "suppliers") after we send them a message. 1. Supplier sends us so called "submit response" which confirms that SMS message is received and accepted for further processing on their side. 2. If we requested it in our send request, supplier sends us delivery report for  SMS message. This is report about status of delivery to mobile user. In this post we deal with first one ... Before we go further, note that we support so-called  "long sms" - messages that are sent as several SMPP messages that represent parts of the whole message. In order to support that, we have