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Making of Message Gateway with Kafka - Part 5

Handling delivery reports So much time passed since last blog post in this series, I feel any kind of apology would be  hypocritical :) Instead, let's just start with the post... In previous post I was talking about handling SMS message receipts  (known as "submit responses" in SMS world) coming from SMS service provider. Let's just quickly go through all steps in SMS delivery process. External application send SMS message to message gateway (via SMPP protocol) Message gateway sends SMS message to SMS service provider (SMS center or online SMS service) SMS service provider sends so-called "submit response" to message gateway, confirming that it accepted the message for further processing After that, SMS service provider tries to deliver the message to end user (mobile device) and notifies message gateway about delivery result (which can be success, failure, expired or some intermediate status) In this post we are going to deal with proc